Let's start at the very beginning...

Oh, blogging. How I have always waged an internal battle against you. One half of me always wanted an outlet to write my little heart’s desire, and the other half never wanted the responsibility of keeping one up, worrying about what others might think of the internal workings of my brain, or really just having to make an effort.

This battle of mine has waged for several years. I managed to never create a Xanga, MySpace, or any other account that looking back on it was mostly just funny and embarrassing, so why now? Who knows. I think I credit the fact that I moved far away as to why I finally took the plunge. Regardless, I’ve now built up the courage to try this thing out. So here we go (hopefully I won’t look back on this as an embarrassing moment. Fingers crossed).

While I’m a planner, I really don’t know how I’m going to structure this blog quite yet. It’s probably going to be filled with the musings of my weird and sarcastic mind and some photo updates of us newlyweds living the Northern Virginia life so no one will think we completely fell off the map up here. Oh, and at some point I’ll explain this title of mine and its meaning to me. So, should you wish to waste some time by reading my thoughts, feel free! 

And yes, for you Rodgers and Hammerstein lovers out there, I was indeed singing The Sound of Music in my head as I typed the title. Nerd alert.