Lessons of Marriage: 11-15

11. Husband and I have a baaaad case of puppy fever. (Side bar: did you baa like a sheep when reading that line? It was intended... I mean a little bit, anyway.) As I demonstrated in this post, we have a tendency to not so subtly take interest in cute dogs (still attached by leashes to their owners) and take pictures of them. It helps us to cope with our jealousy and small square footage apartment issues until we, too, can join the pup club.

12. Even when cute furry faces are darn near irresistible to adopt, the voice of reason can still infiltrate our minds and remind us that now is NOT the time to adopt a pup and name it Scout and live happily ever after as a family of 3. True story, husband and I have almost adopted three eligible (we don't puppynap!) dogs, and we somehow have managed to weasel our way out of all three spontaneous (and separate) adoptions. Hooray for being responsible? Yeah, we didn't feel all warm and fuzzy either. 

13. Experience doesn't always prevent mistakes... especially ones dealing with laundry. Note to self: possessing almost 10 years experience of washing your own clothes still does not give you the option of zoning out while loading the washing machine and opening it up later to one red towel (the obvious culprit), one beige hand towel, and now two pink-and-blue striped kitchen towels and a baby pink towel (once a beautiful shade of comfy white and now the perfect addition to a little girl's bathroom). I guess it's husband's turn to handle the laundry now... 

14. We have the whole navigating a new city thing down to a science.  As long as we attempt it together that is... Unlike me, husband can actually use a compass AND a map (I can read one, but my skills of stepping out of a metro portal and immediately walking in the correct direction are a bit lacking...). However, he is not always the most observant individual and can therefore get majorly lost on the way home from the previous destination. <Enter Kat's breadcrumb method> I function by the Hansel and Gretel method of leaving a trail to lead me home. To do so, I simply remember what I've passed on my way: landmarks, funny signs, unique buildings or trees, and I use those images to walk backwards, so to speak. It helps that I have something of a photographic memory, but I have slowly taught husband to note his surroundings (and he's gotten pretty good, too. I'm so proud!). 

15. It is a pretty rockin' thing that husband is an EE (electrical engineer for you non-engineer types), especially when this girl has no idea how to make heads or tails of the html code that she's trying to alter. Three cheers for husband who helped this newbie blogger figure out how to format pup pictures to sit side-by-side without even breaking a sweat. I guess it helps that he is an EE... And you better believe I'll be battin' my long eyelashes for his help in future posts and blog layouts ;)

Corollary to Lesson 1. Husband will not touch leftover Asian food of any variety. So pretty much all food cooked in a wok (that is SUCH a fun word to say by the way) is allllllllll miiiiiiiine, and I'm not complainin' about it.