Midweek Musings

I know, it's Tuesday so it's not quite midweek... but I'm allowing it since I'm including Saturday in my update. That makes it okay, right? Right. 

So Saturday was epic. Only in the sense that if you're a Mississippi State fan like husband and I are, you experienced something that hasn't happened in a looooongggg time (try since this married couple was in the 4th grade. whoa). MSU won its second game of the season against Auburn making them 2-0 (I know that to other teams, that's not a huge deal, but to us it totally is). And if you know me well, then you know that I grew up an Auburn fan (season tickets and all), so the win was extra special to this girl. 

This was also the first MSU-Auburn game that I've missed seeing in person since I was in middle school. While the rest of my family was in Starkville battling for a win (or a loss if you're my Auburn alum parents), husband and I were stuck up here trying to soak up the game as best we could from a mere 15 hours away. The best I could come up with was to buy these lovely mums to mimic the beautiful flowers on Starkville's campus.

On another note of this memorable win, Saturday was the first MSU game for this cute little boy (my sweet nephew)! As you can tell, Tyler came very well prepared for those loud cowbells, and his crazy Aunt Kitty is super proud of his school spirit at only 10 months.

Sunday was quite possibly the most surprising day of all. On our way home from church, husband informs me that he wants to go shopping. Um, can you repeat that? Surely I misheard you... This is a dream come true! So we drove to an outlet mall nearby and we (meaning I) picked out husband some shirts and belts and a total swoon-worthy sports coat (yes, I have an unhealthy obsession with menswear... No, husband's friends, I will not be turning him hipster or indie. His best interest is at heart, promise, even though I totally saw an Avett-like plaid vest in the store and joked about buying it for him...). This picture doesn't do the herringbone justice (blame the weird fluorescent store lighting), but doesn't husband look dashing in it? 

A total mom move to take his picture in the store, but the coat was begging
for its debut picture. Can you blame me? I didn't think so.

Also, we saw this impressive vintage car in the parking lot. Whoever owns this car must love it a lot because it looked to be in mint (clever choice of words, non?) condition... Looking at it, doesn't it make you want an ice cream cone? Or is that just me? 

Today's exciting bit of news was that the new Avett album, The Carpenter, came out. And yes, I'm already listening to it over and over again... No shame.

Ah, it's nice to see artwork that isn't as frightening as the last cd.

And finally, today husband and I are joining a local gym. I'm strangely excited about it, even though I haven't done any regular weight training since high school sports. So fingers crossed I won't do anything embarrassing or awkward (but let's be honest, it's most likely inevitable)... You're welcome, husband, for being such good entertainment.