life lately

1. a peek over the Shenandoah Skyline Drive
2. one of the many pretty views on our short hike
3. the Luray Caverns organ
4. our warm friend at Mt. Vernon

5. some of the 2 pounds of chocolate we needed for our cookie recipe
(it made some 8 dozen cookies, woah)
6. one of the beautiful buildings at the Naval Academy
7. sailboats at the Annapolis Yacht Club
8. we have survived 6 months of marriage (hoorah!)

Here is just a sampling of what's to come to the Berry blog in the coming days. Every weekend these past few weeks has been full of local adventures, and I just haven't had time yet to put them all to words! I hope all of you had a fabulous weekend, and for all you Bulldog fans out there... 7-0! Who would have seen this coming just a few years ago? Not this girl (if we're being honest). Hail State!