The cat's out of the bag...

Husband and I are excited to share that we were approved for the apartment we wanted, and come December, we'll be moving to Alexandria! It'll be quite different for us to live in a location where we can walk to almost everything we need/want, and we anticipate it to be a lovely change. Plus, in our new apartment, we can adopt a sweet pup without paying an arm and a leg (and an organ) to do so. Hooray, we can finally join the Couples with Pups Club! 

So now we are faced with the fun of deciding what's moving with us... yippee... You see, our new apartment is slightly smaller than the one we currently are in, so not everything is coming along for the ride. And one of the things that is certain to go is our sofa, which is to be replaced with a smaller one. 

Today I began looking at websites trying to get an idea of what should be our replacement sofa, and I came to the conclusion that form and function rarely coexist in a couch. Sofas that look comfy are just not very pretty, and the ones that look beautiful look incredibly uncomfortable. Alas, what to do what to do... So far we've looked at Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and Restoration Hardware, and they have some lovely choices, but we just want to make sure we do our homework first. I suppose we have a few months to decide, but we welcome the suggestions of other companies to consider!

(P.S. A little less than three weeks until our television broadcasts are free of political ads... Now that is also something to be excited about!)