the perfect weekend

1. The Christmas candies already on display at Wegman's (and attempted to be ignored until post-Thanksgiving, despite spotting some Reese's Trees)
2. Our bed made with its new addition of a heavenly down comforter from The Company Store (like sleeping under a cloud, you guys)
3. Our first introduction to Old Rag Mountain from the road in the middle-of-nowhere, VA
4. Skyfall Sunday matinee tickets
5. Perfectly justified (and delicious) chocolate cheesecake after hiking #3. please note that half of it is already missing...
6. Our potential new love seat

Since we now live in the Land of Government Holidays, this weekend got to include a Monday off with husband, and it was simply wonderful. It was the perfect blend of low key and activity, errands and fun. We're trying to prep as much as possible for our move in December, which includes losing some furniture and gaining new replacement pieces. We're having to make some adjustments due to floor lay-outs and size, and it's been quite the process of locating a love seat/settee and an armchair that are both attractive AND comfortable. But fingers crossed, we think our search may be over! Hallelujah!

We also finally made a decision on a winter comforter (much needed for an area of the country that actually experiences 4 seasons and a couple who tries to use their heat sparingly during the winter). It may have taken awhile to come to that conclusion (so many choices and stores, it's unreal), but totally worth the wait. And that comforter was very much appreciated after our hike on Saturday and the soreness that ensued...

For all you Bond enthusiasts out there, and perhaps even a few skeptics, the newest installment is incredible. It reminded husband and me of The Dark Knight in a few ways, so you know it must be good. Definitely reinstated the Bond dynasty for several years to come. 

To our parents who might be concerned that we won't take care of ourselves as well as we would if our sweet mothers were closer to remind us of things, be proud: yesterday, husband made his own eye doctor appointment (on his own initiative) and has finally ordered new eyeglasses. He looks dashing in them by the way (no, I'm not biased). And husband forced me to stop delaying on getting a flu shot by driving me to the nearest Walgreens. I even had to drop the act of being a wimp about it when a brave 6 year old showed up to get hers as well. FYI this year's vaccine doesn't burn like last year's did, so if you readers haven't gotten yours yet, go do so! No pain at all, thankfully. 

Tyler after his first birthday party this weekend (picture sent from his smitten grandparents)

And finally, today is this precious little boy's first birthday. So adorable, can't wait to play with him during the holidays! 

P.S. The post of our hike up Old Rag will be up tomorrow, so be sure to check back!