doomsday birthday

check out the evolution of his wardrobe {my ongoing project}

Happy birthday to this dashing man! 

Lucky you, you get to celebrate life and death (according to the Mayans, not me) all in one day! What a stud. 

Just in case my cynicism is proven to be ridiculously unfair and the world does indeed stop spinning, happy birthday Handsome! I have had an incredible past 8 months (to the day! yes it was planned for future memory issues of our anniversary) being married to you, living in our new apartment for 5 whole days, and owning a sweet pup 800+ miles away from us that we've never personally met. You've given me a wonderful life serving as your co-conspirator, and I am constantly blessed and encouraged to be your wife. Plus, you have a last name that everyone can spell and is shorter than the standard cut off on applications of 12 characters. You rock husmate. And I can't wait to always be by your side in this life and the next.

Love, Kat