meet our third renter

Lo and behold, I look down from my computer late last night and see the mysterious creature (as usual husmate is asleep). And you guys, I had quite the internal battle of wanting to scream and sighing with relief after finally discovering what the creature was. Thankfully for husmate's sake, I chose the quieter of the two & he continued to sleep on through my dilemma. Let me give you a bio to see if you can guess why:

+ Length: 4-5", tail included

+ Number of legs: 4

+ Color: Greyish-brown

+ Reptile, insect or mammal: mammal

+ Other distinguishing features: whiskers, a short pointy nose, two little ears, quick as lightning, extremely shy

+ Cultural references that make him seem more cuddly than bully: Ratatouille, Mouse Trap, Stuart Little, Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Mighty Mouse, Speedy Gonzalez...

Yep, our third renter isn't a lizard....... it's a mouse.

The funny thing is I've been joking with husmate the last few weeks about getting a kitten. Maybe we can get a kitten to hunt the mouse?!? Yeah, I doubt it. Also, my periphery vision is now hypersensitive and has caused me to have little mini heart attacks when I see the tiniest movements caused by things like my hair & my movements being reflected in a mirrored side table... This mouse is going to test the barriers of my sanity. 

* for those of you who might have possibly thought this was a weird way to announce we're having a baby, we're not. We're being held captive by a mouse. That is overwhelming enough.