remember the time... {vol. II}


+ After deciding I wanted to buy a hula hoop (yes, you read that correctly), we drove to the store and searched all over; the only ones we could find had a super cool feature of lighting up... I'm so mature. The looks we got as we tested out what size hula hoop was appropriate was the highlight of my day, as well as the inevitable giggling that I couldn't stifle. Don't forget the embarrassment we attempted to avoid when one of our neighbors was outside upon our arrival home and we left the glittery turquoise hula hoop in the car... "by accident."

+ After seeing all the running warriors around us in Alexandria conquering the freezing cold, we worked up the courage to go together one afternoon. We were very convincing up until the wind became so brutal on our warm down that we promptly turned around and cut our walk short by a mile or more... Our southern blood has ruined us. 

+ Before leaving for work one morning, husmate kissed me goodbye on my forehead while I was asleep and apparently I kissed the air in reaction. Smoooch! And then giggled when he laughed at me. And was asleep the whole time. Deep sleeper over here, guys.

+ For two months, we both thought that the spare set of keys to my car (aka husmate's set) was lost forever and that he had misplaced them/fell out of his pocket on a walk to Old Town... And then they reappeared one morning... in the pocket of one of wifey's peacoats. Whoops, my bad. Sorry husmate for giving you the blame! You can have full key privileges again #wifeyfail

+ I saw a shadowy creature scurry around our apartment late one night, and I woke up a groggy husmate to search under the refrigerator/oven/couch/desk for it. He's such a sport, even though I think he thinks I'm crazy considering he never found the speedy 4" monster... And he wasn't even fully awake in his search & destroy mission.

{auld lang syne}

+ We both verbally agreed to sign up for a half marathon together during our dating days, annnnnndddd wifey dropped the ball and missed the deadline (after husmate reminded wifey 7 x 70 times to sign up). Husmate was left to suffer through a half marathon solo (& underprepared, also due to wifey's fault ;) ). Well the time has come that due to marriage & not being allowed to squirm out of it, we will both be signing up for one again this year. Now just to decide on which one to run?

+ The day after we got engaged in DC, the weather was so. dang. windy. that when we walked to revisit our bench we had to lean into the wind just so we could keep moving forward {for once, I'm not exaggerating because that was the day the National Christmas tree fell over}. Lately the wind around here has been pretty sassy, but so far no fallen trees (of course, there's no replacement Christmas tree currently to fight the bully of the breeze either).

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