remember the time... {vol. III}


+ Husmate & I have formed a new couple crush on our newlywed friends, Emily & Josh. To the extent that my early-to-bed-early-to-rise husband couldn't tear himself away from a weekday game night of Monopoly with those two that almost lasted until midnight. And for the record, Emily may seem friendly and polite but she's ruthless when it comes to her ownership of Boardwalk & Park Place {& the three or four houses she built there, bankrupting us all}.

+ Many thanks to the trail for introducing another animal that I had to stop & stare at while on a run {while all the fast people passed me & wondered what that crazy girl was up to}. Meet our newest neighbors: the muskrats, who sadly are not river otters, like I had hoped they would be. {muskrats, you otter be otters if you want more friends...} Also, I am officially not the slowest person running the trail these days. Three cheers to me for passing at least a few others {while the rest continue to sprint past in their beast modes}... 

Picture cred to wikipedia, the ever trustworthy source

+ The wriggly, shadowy creature that resides in our apartment has been spotted again. Again he was spotted by me, and again husmate didn't see him the next morning anywhere. But I stand by what I saw, and I am not making it up. I have now resorted to calling him Lizard and trying to coax him out at night before husmate goes to sleep {Yeah, now you know I'm occasionally weird}.

{auld lang syne}

+ Husmate & I got married 11 months ago today. Where did the time go?