a good samaritan on the yellow line train to fort totten

To the man who remembered what it means to respect our elders, thank you. I saw you out of the corner of my eye the whole way from Braddock to Archives talking to another man who I gathered was a complete stranger to you. He was in his early nineties, dressed to the nines with a paisley bow tie & a sharp sport coat, and it was obvious that he was a little nervous as to how to get to where he was going. The two of you didn't share similar beliefs of an after life, but you comforted him all the same about the loss of his wife of 60+ years. You & he regaled the neighborhoods & restaurants of what once was in our lovely District. You comforted a man whose life is no longer the same, & you even told him that you were going to get off with him at Archives & make it your mission to find his destination. You, sir, are a wonderful soul & a refreshing breath of humanity. & to be honest, my initial impression of you would never have seen you do that. Thank you for reminding me that first impressions are often wrong & that the little things are often the most important.