a weekend of camping... sort of

From the Marlins game a week & a half ago. Notice the heavy jackets?
Yeah the temperatures were in the 30s that night...

Yesterday our air conditioner went kaput. At least I think it went kaput... See it already got some TLC last month at the suggestion of our condo's owner... & it already doesn't work? Sounds a little iffy to me {but I'm no AC expert}.

Did I mention that I'm a temperature wimp yesterday the highs were in the mid-80's? Thankfully a cold front moved in last night, so we slept to the music of the rain (after watching The Hunger Games) with the windows open. And considering the repair company has yet to call me, it looks like we'll be making forts & camping out in our den allllll weekend... Thank goodness the temps this weekend will be in the mid-60's to low-70's {& that this happened now and not during the heat of the summer}!

Looking forward to welcoming the weekend (& our camping) with a hotdog at Nationals Park as the Nats take on the Braves tonight {my new team vs. my childhood team- which do I pull for?? I think my diehard fan grandmother would be disappointed if I didn't say the Braves...}. Somehow hotdogs are only satisfying to me at a baseball park {I know I'm not alone in that sentiment}. 

And just to make it a whole thing, I've already suggested we go hiking tomorrow. Camping + Hunger Games + Hotdogs + Hiking... Seems fitting doesn't it? Happy weekend to all of you!

+ As a completely non-related afterthought, the chocolate chip cookie dough at Trader Joe's? Delicious. I don't think husmate will let us buy cookie dough anywhere else from now on... If you're a lucky individual living near a TJ, try it out sometime! You will thank me later. The dough itself is actually kind of chocolatey, so you know it's going to be GOOD.