married life observations

because really, we're weird. happily married & weird.

+ Sometimes you really can't beat the goodness of a grilled cheese sandwich. Even when faced with the intention of making/experimenting with spaghetti {reason for experimentation can be found here, see lesson #4}, a grilled cheese can win out. & a grilled cheese + bowl of soup? Makes my tummy have the warm fuzzies. 

+ Boys have an absurd amount of socks. I'm fairly certain that husmate has more pairs of socks than any other article of clothing... except maybe his t-shirt collection. & guess who gets to play a game of match with all the socks after a load of wash? Me. {All I'm saying is my socks are fun colors & patterns. None of this black, black houndstooth, black ribbed, black & gray argyle...}

+ I don't think anyone knows how weird they truly are at heart until they get married. I sure as heck didn't know my meter {just being honest}... The great thing is that husmate thinks I'm funny most of the time so my crazy isn't driving him crazy just yet. Fingers crossed he always finds me funny so that when the whole "good cop, bad cop" bit is being played out with our future (Lord willing) kids, at least one other member of the family will find me funny...

+ I'm pleased as punch that we both share the same mindset on finances. Because if there's one thing that we're both sticklers about, it's money & its consequences {for you grammar nerds like me, I hope you enjoyed the sister it/s back-to-back like I did...}. This similarity is mainly contributed to the fact that he's the penny pincher & I am almost deathly afraid of the IRS & bankruptcy. I am not even kidding.

+ I've officially discovered that I know my husband. While walking in Charlottesville last weekend, he, being assigned the role of navigator, is busy referencing Google maps on my phone. Being distracted by said phone, I know that my husband is not paying attention to his walking path/surroundings at all, so I loudly proclaim to watch out for the mud puddle... from the back of the group. Emily & Josh think I'm telling them, but husmate looks up at just the right moment & sidesteps the mud he would have walked riiiiiight on through otherwise. Sometimes it pays to be bossy. Wifey win.