the tasty thorn in my side

Don't be mislead. This is the end result. The middle doesn't look so pretty.

Surely everyone has a recipe that causes them to huff in annoyance, curse in the comic book language of exclamation points, asterisks, and pound signs {that really is what I envisioned in my head... nerd from a young age}, & declare said recipe as the bane of his existence {that phrase would of course be printed in the comics in bold & italics}?

My recipe of choice to fall in this frustrating category is weirdly enough... poppy seed cake. It is honestly one of the easiest recipes ever, but because I think about what frustrates me only after I've already started the process of making it, it's always too little, too late to prevent the ensuing drama.

You see, the recipe calls for all the ingredients {except the poppy seeds & optional pecans} to be mixed together at once. How easy can it get, right? Except the way that my recipe card is written all hefty dry ingredients come first and the liquids that would actually mix them all together into something smooth & cohesive don't come until the end... after the mixture is one giant lump & causing my mixer to almost unhinge itself from its lock position. Thus, the comic book symbols language.

And you would think that I would you know... alter my recipe card to REMIND ME OF THIS the next time. But nope. 

It's turning into something of a tradition for me that goes like this: husmate requests that we make it, I agree with a slight hesitation because I remember that something is frustrating about this simple recipe but I can't quite place my finger as to what?, I start the baking process, I curse in symbols, husmate talks some sense into me, the recipe comes together, the end result is yummy, the thorn in my side is forgotten.

And the cycle repeats itself.

Maybe I'll remember next time around? Eh, I doubt it. Here's to next time.