forest for the trees

So I had one of those "duh, Kat" moments yesterday. You know the kind: getting all worked up & then the most obvious thing ever hits you, & you realize that both you & God are laughing at the same thing... that your attention is focused on all the wrong details.

I had been editing the above piece for several hours & was so engrossed in it that I hadn't looked at anything other than my computer screen since I started. So you can imagine my level of frustration: too much attention on the nit-picky minute details, making everything look crisp & straight, centering all the artwork to actually look like I measured things out before I drew them... {ha maybe next time?}. You get the gist.

So imagine my surprise when I printed a test sample out & I actually looked at what I had been working on. Not the fonts or the aesthetics, but the words. I laughed at myself {both aloud & in my head}, & I know sure as heck that God was laughing at me, too. I had completely forgotten what it said in the hours that I had been editing it, & the sad thing is I do that all the time. I'm such a detail-oriented person that I often can't see the forest for the trees. 

But don't worry, after gladly taking a respite from the ever dreaded editing process, I finally caught a glimpse of the forest & marveled at the beauty of how true those words are in the piece I worked on all day... & how comforting they are especially for the town of Moore, Oklahoma right now. So here's my prayer for them: that they find themselves immersed in the forest of His peace, rather than lost in trees of this world, & that we, their neighbors, help them get there by caring for them in any way we possibly can.