gettysburg, pennsylvania

This past weekend's adventures took the husmate & I to Gettysburg. & despite the fact that the sun & storm clouds were in a constant battle for the sky, it was a wonderful & quiet weekend. A lot of reading went down {hello, Dan Brown's Lost Symbol} during the rainy dominance, but the sun peeked out for just the right time on Saturday for us to enjoy our time at Gettysburg.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, & even though we're not avid fans of Civil War battlefields, we both had a great time. For a battle that has evolved into being a crucial turning point of the war {& of equality in America}, we were both amused that it was something of an unplanned thing. The area around Gettysburg was chosen because 10 roads converged at one point, making it easy for troops to get to it. It's a little funny to think about today, because while those 10 roads meant that economic development was possible in the town's future, the battle determined that it would forever be a small town surrounded by historical battlefields.

^^The lovely place we were lucky enough to stay in. Built pre-Civil War & absolutely beautiful^^
^^The other guests of the weekend. Ask my husband how ridiculous I get when I see baby birds... Even when their breed is typically annoying^^
^^Naturally the Union uniforms were more dapper than the Confederate ones. I mean check out how awesome their hat is in comparison... Plus blue is always better than grey^^
^^Hello, my sweet hometown river city! Giant picture of Montgomery during Davis' swearing in as President of the Confederacy^^
^^Feast your eyes on the original Confederate flag which was redesigned because it too closely resembled the Union flag & caused a little bit of confusion on the battlefield... Oh, hey Eugene! Wait... you're not wearing grey... Crap.^^
^^Something I often forget is how poorly this famous speech was received. The Chicago Times wrote "The cheeks of every American must tingle with shame as he reads the silly, flat, and dishwatery remarks of the man who has to be pointed out as the President of the United States." Isn't it funny how time can change one's outlook of something?^^
^^I mean who could resist hanging out with Abe? Or in husmate's experience, treating him like Santa?"
^^Dandelions deserve their shining moment of being upgraded from "weed" to "weed that can make a giant field something beautiful"^^
^^Panorama of Little Round Top, a place that truly moves you (even if you aren't a big war buff, like us Berry's)^^
^^I mean if Alabama is going to be the state whose memorial is all dramatic using exclamation points & dramatic phrasing then I, too, will join her in her ranks, except you know, with an updated wardrobe... {Every other state's big memorial just said its name & the groups who fought there}^^
^^Then there were the states who really put some investments into their memorials. This is Pennsylvania's. Other members of that club: New York & Kentucky (birthplace to both Abe Lincoln & Jefferson Davis)^^
^^There's always something beautiful about a simple gravestone, even though their family members may never have known which was theirs^^
^^The quaint downtown Gettysburg^^

So Gettysburg, thanks for the swell weekend. You showed us a grand time in a small setting, & we're grateful for it.