reason #266 why I love this city

^^So these have nothing to do with the story, but they could qualify for reason #267 why I love living here.
 Walks around Old Town are made perfect by lovely flowers to accompany the brick sidewalks.^^

It's an ideal spring day outside: sunny with some clouds, perfect temperature, gusts wind to keep me cool; and I'm on the last leg of a pleasant three mile run on the trail. I've had quite the throwback to high school with my selection of Snow Patrol's Final Straw album, and all in all it's just a good run. With 200 yards to go though, something else has caught my attention: the 10+ police motorcycle escorts tag-teaming with at least 5 additional police cars ambling along on the parkway. Curiosity, as always, beats out the inner desire to have a good time, & I stop to watch along with a few cyclists. 

Just as one cyclist is telling me it could be David Cameron, I realize what the hubbub really is about: this is the group of policemen who have cycled from Richmond this morning {after starting in Charlotte, NC} in honor of National Police Week. 500 miles in 4 days. The pack by this point was 30+ strong all in varying shades of black, blue, and white, & seeing them on their last leg made me smile & realize once again that this big ole world is bigger than just me & the small-minded concerns about my life. It's about listening to & serving others, just as these incredible policemen do every day. So once again DC, thanks for the reminder & many thanks for timing my run to coincide with their journey.