remember the time... {vol. V}


+ we ran a "fast mile" together {fast for pitiful me & slow for husmate the pacer} & then split up for our own paced mile. Husmate ran his best time in a few years {that cause of lengthened time was thanks mainly to moi & the beginning/duration of our relationship} while I huffed it out on my own. Just call us the tortoise & hare team from here on out...

+ Monarch the Mouse made his fifth cameo in this little condo of ours, & husmate was in the room AND STILL DIDN'T SEE HIM. But it's okay. I'm not hallucinating...

+ pretty sure the woman at the post office thinks I'm a bit weird for knowing about a new release of stamps that apparently hadn't made it to her branch yet... & that she had never heard of. I definitely blushed a little as we went through all the flowery stamps that she had to offer, none of which looked anything like the seed packet stamps I've been sorta coveting. #nerdalert

+ we walked to Trader Joe's for cookie dough & milk... & got called out by the cashier on it. "Will that be all for you?" "Yep, just those two..." [chuckles at us] "So y'all walked down here for cookies & milk?" We're just revolutionizing dessert over here at the Berry residence.

{auld lang syne}

+ husmate stuck around after Bulldog Bash our senior year in college & helped his then over-involved girlfriend pick up trash along her route in the Cotton District so that she {& her best friend, Sarah, & their SA committee} could get to bed earlier than 4 am. Proof #48 then that he was a keeper :)