the return of monarch the mouse


Setting: a quiet evening in a small apartment. The pair have just returned from taking a friend home after a lovely evening of watching Modern Family and eating pizza. Outside the husband pranks the wife about losing his keys & then revels in his acting skills. The husband is laying on the couch reading the news; the wife is sitting criss cross apple sauce in an armchair reading a blog. The wife is feeling a bit paranoid because she swears she just saw movement out of the corner of her right eye, but when she consults the spot nothing is to be found until she moves her attention two feet further along the wall...

WIFE: AHH! Jordan! It's the mouse! Look!

HUSBAND: What?? What's going on?

WIFE [scurries out of her chair following the movement of the mouse towards the kitchen]: The mouse! It's right there! Look!

HUSBAND [gets off of couch slower than his frantic wife & follows her pointing finger. His vision is blocked by the bar]: Where?

WIFE: There! He just darted under the oven!

HUSBAND [grabs flashlight from desk, laughing. Gets down on hands & knees to peer under oven]: Huh, I don't see anything. [Begins laughing heartily now] Man, you got me, sweetie! You have some great acting skills! 

WIFE [simultaneously bemused & frustrated, huffs loudly]: OF COURSE you didn't see Monarch the mouse. Because only I ever do. This is not funny. You believe me, don't you?

HUSBAND: Of course I do [still laughing]. Well I guess I'm going to bed now that I scared off the mouse. 


The husband leaves the room chuckling because his wife has now spotted the mouse five times & he has yet to see it. He remarks about how he'll need to call the management again about catching the mouse (the previous mention was ignored/forgotten). Meanwhile, the wife picks up her feet and places them on the couch. She asks for reassurance that her squealing and loud movements scared off the mouse from returning for a night cap.