the spirit of columbus

This past weekend was one of those perfect kinds. The type that warms your soul, even once it's over. On Friday, we hit the road to see one of husmate's good friends, Drew, who's spending some time interning in Columbus, Ohio {which in relation to the majority of our college friends is fairly nearby... 6.5 hours < 16 hours}.

I don't know about you, but coming from the south, there's not a lot of talk of Columbus... or even of Ohio. But here's an update: Columbus is a pretty cool city. Who knew?? Plus, they've somehow found a way to merge farmlands & cityscapes in a pretty seamless way. Kudos to you, Columbus.

So first for anyone else clueless as to what anchors the city, Columbus is home to Nationwide Insurance, Wendy's International, The Limited brands, DSW shoes, a major furniture wholesaler, the Columbus Zoo & Jack Hanna, THE Ohio State University {please note my sarcasm}... just to name a few. Seriously, who knew? Plus it's home to one of my new favorites, Jeni's ice cream {!!!}, which of course deserves its own sentence. 

Moving on...

As with all adventures that I've heard of or experienced with Drew, this weekend was full of laughter, lively conversation, & good ole fun. Highlights of the trip:

+ Trying the three great ice creameries of Columbus in the span of 36 hours to decide on a winner, thanks to the stubbornness of me {team Jeni's} & Drew {team Graeter's}, plus the suggestion of our hostess, Rocky, on Mitzi's {which technically was custard, but who's counting?}. The verdict? Husmate liked all three. Drew & I stuck to our teams. Ha! But Drew's insistence on eating ice cream as our lunch Saturday? Classic. Oh! & the fact that Jeni's has a neighborhood window location on a tree-lined street of townhouses & puppies galore? Swoon.

+ Our trip to Westerville which included a required trip to Drew's favorite gun shop, our nice little walk around Otterbein College, & our non-caloric ice cream lunch. Now let's picture me in a little gun shop run by two men in their 60's... I was only partially awkward. Success!! The only talking point I remember is the shop owner's suggestion that I could decorate a coffee table with one such gun... See? Partially awkward.

+ The fact that it took the three of us to navigate our travels. Drew driving, husmate navigating via Google Maps, Kat pointing out common sense things like "um, you can't turn there. That's a one way street... in the wrong direction."

+ The weekend observations of my rule following. Sorry for being a type-A personality, guys. ;)

+ The awesome Columbus Zoo! But to avoid being overly wordy here, more about that in another post...

+ After using the line "we'd hate for Drew to see a movie by himself..." we saw Iron Man 3. It was incredible. To the point that all three of us wanted to see it all over again as soon as it ended. Tony Stark {& Robert Downey, Jr.}, you are my new favorite hero... Please sign a contract extension STAT & get to working on the next Stark experience.

+ Our lovely walk about the ritzy neighborhood we stayed in & their ridiculously nice country club. Picture three different types of tennis courts {including a perfectly manicured grass court... Wimbledon, anyone?}, two full golf courses, a croquet court, workout dress rules that only allow black, white, or grey... & Drew posing as our tour guide, even though we really didn't have a clue what we were doing.

+ Passing that giant picnic basket on the side of road. Whatthewhat? & we passed a church rebuilding Noah's ark {out of steel... pretty sure that's inaccurate} somewhere on our way back to VA. What is it with people creating giant sized things?

All in all, our first taste of Columbus {& Ohio for that matter} was surprisingly pleasant. Hope everyone else had an equally wonderful weekend!

Blog title reference to the trailer that played at least twice before the movie previews. It included five different female voices singing that phrase in the blues style, & it was so annoying that it was hilarious.