and then it was august...?

I secretly love to read aloud books to captive audiences, such as the whole Mickey Mouse family. Nowadays I can be found reading only to my husband (because otherwise it's embarrassing?), and usually it's Harry Potter.

Yikes. How did that happen?

As if it wasn't already apparent from both this summer & last, I tend to get a little flighty during the summer months & put off blogging as though it were the summer reading list of my childhood. Which is a little weird because I've always been an ultra nerd who LOVES reading (even all the way back to when I was little, as evidenced above), but without fail in middle & high school I procrastinated on my required reading until about 3 weeks before the start of school. And then the drudgery was unavoidable & I usually hated every book I read during that time (AP US History's Founding Fathers still comes to mind). 

And to make things slightly funny to all people older & wiser than my years (as all growing up does), during my absence these past few months husmate & I have been reading like bookworm fiends! In fact, we joined the local library & are now proud library card carriers. So I guess we've hit the stage where we actually want to learn new things? Just the other week, I was telling JB how I could never understand growing up why my dad would waste his free time reading such boring non-fiction/technical books when he could read captivating fiction stories... but now I know. Sorry, Dad ;)

Anyway I get flighty during the summer, but I'm back by popular demand! And scout's honor I'll be around a lot more. In fact, I'll see you next week- same time, same place?

I hope all of you had a wonderful summer & for all you teachers/students out there, many well wishes on the start of the school year!