free for all friday

As all great ideas do, this one started with Harry Potter. This past week as JB was purchasing tickets for the upcoming Potted Potter show at the Shakespeare Theatre Company, he saw an advert for their annual "Free for All" show. Hmm... free play? Yes, please.

Apparently since 1991, the STC has put on a free show for over 640,000 people (Shakespeare would be so proud). And it's obvious that this is a tradition well-loved by the community. Before our show began, the docent asked the audience how often they had participated in their Free for All, and the majority had seen at least 10 free performances, and some had even seen them all! Talk about dedication...

This year's play was Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, and it was simply superb. Feeling a bit rusty on the plot (since the last time I had visited it was high school), I was worried at first that it would take awhile to get into it. But the cast was so captivating, especially the two leads, Benedick & Beatrice, (both of which have been nominated for Tony Awards), that we were hooked within minutes of the play's start. It was such a fun night, and JB and I are still quoting some of the funnier lines to each other... Let's just say we can't wait for next year's performance.

 Hooray for winning lottery tickets so we didn't have to wait in the rain all afternoon! 
This was our view for awhile as we waited for the literal interpretation of "free for all" to begin: the mad scramble for seats. Thankfully our surroundings were fairly beautiful to admire ;)
The sneaky stage photo before the play began. I'm always amazed at how intricate a set can be: a spiral staircase, water in the fountain, a usable water pump in the corner. Such attention to detail!
The best place to grab a late night dinner: Gordon Biersch. And how lucky were they to inherit such beautiful interiors?
This clock just intrigues me. Beautiful & pseudo-precarious at the same time. It's a new term... just go with it.