project progression through the lens of a sometimes blurry phone

I realize that I'm a bit quirky, but late one night as I was starting this project (night owl tendencies & all that) I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be cool to see how this thing comes along? At least at the end if it was a colossal failure, I would be able to find the good somewhere along the way before my amateur status really started to shine through..." 

So here it is, albeit a bit blurry at times (or at all times?) due to the fact that our living room has no overhead light & I must depend upon the trustworthiness of an IKEA lamp until I get a work lamp someday, as well as the fact that using a real camera every few hours seemed a bit tedious so I lazily used my phone... You know, just laying it out there honestly. 

Regardless I thought it kinda neat to see a project from start to finish & thought you might too! So without further ado, meet the beauty that is Westminster Theological Seminary, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & current home to a sweet friend of mine who'll be using this as one of their Christmas cards (I hope).